“Our investors are just throwing money at us, and we need to find places to put it.”

BOSTON and ANDOVER, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 27, 1999–

Boatscape.com, a leading provider of e-commerce, information, and community services for the recreational boater, has secured a $5 million initial round of financing from @Ventures, the affiliated venture capital arm of CMGI, Inc. (Nasdaq: CMGI). The capital will be used to fund product development, expansion of sales and marketing activities, and enhanced customer support.

Boatscape.com provides the boating community with a home on the Internet. Through the Web site, http://www.boatscape.com, boating enthusiasts can find items for sale or auction, share ideas and experiences with fellow boaters, retrieve relevant information, and donate items on behalf of marine-related charities. By offering boaters an online destination, Boatscape.com has carved out a unique niche in the marketplace and is the only company providing boaters with a dynamic interactive platform and online community.

“We are extremely encouraged by the enthusiasm and commitment we have we received from @Ventures,” said Jay Wilkins, President and co-founder of Boatscape.com. “This relationship is a significant step for Boatscape.com. Not only does it validate and support our business model and unique services, but it also demonstrates the confidence we have inspired in the investor community. We are excited to be a part of the @Ventures and CMGI family.”

“By creating a complete commerce and community destination for boating enthusiasts on the Web, Boatscape.com is changing the way boaters learn, interact and enjoy their most passionate hobby,” noted Dave Nerrow, General Partner with @Ventures. “The Internet provides unparalleled services and ease of purchase for users, and boaters comprise a uniquely dedicated and highly invested market. We have faith in Boatscape.com’s ability to serve their every boating need”

Boatscape.com was created to fill the void left by traditional retailers and to expand the scope of services offered to boaters online. There are currently over 55 million Americans participating in recreational boating and yet, very little is offered in the form of online information and commerce. Boatscape.com is pioneering this effort and taking the boating industry in new directions. Unlike other successful e-commerce categories such as auto brokerages and retailing, the $40 billion marine market business is virtually untouched.

About Boatscape.com

Launched in July 1999, Boatscape.com is an on-line destination – a Virtual Yacht Club – dedicated to the information, community and commerce needs of the recreational boater. Through the Web site, http://www.boatscape.com, boaters can find or list nautical items for sale or auction, locate like-minded boaters, share insights and experiences, read great articles, retrieve relevant news and information and donate items on behalf of leading marine-related charities. For more information, contact Boatscape.com at 883 Boylston Street – 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02116. Telephone: (617) 266-3664. Fax: (617) 266-3397. E-mail: info@boatscape.com.

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